The Cost of Racism (From “Awake Black Woman”)

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“…While historic events were happening last Saturday, while so many marched on Washington, and many more watched, an incident came up on the social media radar that really angered me. This had happened a few weeks ago, and was only now, and interestingly on this particular day, starting to make headlines. Headlines such as these:

African American Family Denied Service After Diner Felt “Threatened”

I feel a lot of things about this incident, and I’ll try to coherently express some of them here today. The one thing I want to make clear is that there always, always needs to be a price paid for racist actions.

You may think that I’m going overboard, that this is just one incident caused by one racist customer backed by one employee. No big deal, lets just move on.

I think not. Because it is oh so much bigger than this. Because this isn’t just a Mom & Pop restaurant. Bad if enough this happened at all, and wherever it happened. This is a corporate business operating nationwide, all over this country. That manager was a representative of that corporation.

That person felt it was just fine to cater to the needs of a racist, to put the corporation she worked for in a bad light, and at the same time, incur a significant financial loss (there were 25 people in that dining party) for that establishment.

So I’m all for making it extremely financially unwise to run around practicing racism, to allow for employees to exercise their racism at their jobs, and also to make it impossible for everyday racist people to exercise their racism and have it backed by the same.

We saw this same thing happen with the swastika tattooed father who didn’t want any Black nurses caring for his sick newborn. I do believe that hospital was sued and settled for around $200K. Along with the payout it looks like there were policies and procedures put in place to have them not ever again cater to the whims of a racist.

A Pennsylvania swim club denied paying minority students access to their pool and ended up being sued, going bankrupt, and having the remainder of assets – over 1 million – being given to the claimants in the suit. All that was handled by the U.S. Justice Department.

Discrimination being highly illegal and whatnot.

People can keep being racist if they want to. Have at it. But understand there is a price to pay for it.

I want corporations to think twice about hiring known racists. I want corporations to move swiftly to fire those that practice their racism on their jobs. I want it to be financially unacceptable for businesses to back employees who express their racism on their jobs.

I want places of businesses to include sensitivity training or whatever they call it now across the board. They will have to if they want to keep raking in that dough. A lot of that sort of training and awareness is merely lip service, and put in place if it is at all, in order to “look good” from the outside.

The hospital that catered to that racist has the most multi-cultured website I’ve ever seen. Their TOS/Mission Statement reflected that too. But guess what they did when faced with the choice to discriminate or tell Mr. Swastika to take a hike?

Guess they had to learn the hard way.

Understand. African-Americans have over 1 Trillion in buying power. Yes, Trillion with a T.

We have immense power in that. Unfortunately we do not turn it towards ourselves. We aren’t worth that one Trillion. We SPEND that 1 Trillion, and mostly outside of our communities.

So spend it wisely. Take away the profits from those who foolishly think there isn’t a price to pay for racism, catering to racists, and allowing racists to represent them.

One day we’ll wise up and turn our money towards ourselves and be WORTH that Trillion. But until then, exercise that buying power carefully, and put a hurt on the Bottom Line of those who richly deserve it.

Lastly, before I go.

Please understand that “I Feel Threatened” is code for allowing racism and discrimination to happen, and to excuse it after the fact. It allowed for GZ to walk free. It allowed for this cop to open fire on two unarmed women with children in the car. It allowed for this man to shoot and kill Jordan Davis.

Think about it for a minute.

One customer told the manager at a restaurant that they “felt threatened” and 25 Black people were kicked out of a restaurant.

They had been waiting over 2 hours, peacefully, just chilling like normal people do. One person saw a group of Black people and immediately felt threatened. That right there is fine. If you want to buy into society’s media-backed hype about how threatening Black skin is, then that is on you. Go for it. Live your life that way.

But this person took it that one step further, that then put all of this into play. They felt privileged enough to make their private feelings publicly known. They had enough confidence, that they figured the manager would back their racism. They were right. Because that is exactly what happened.

And now the price for those privileged and racist actions must and will be paid.

And SMH at the “nopology” and offering of a free meal. Like the guy said, they weren’t there for a free meal.  A party of 25 is a nice windfall for a restaurant. Those people were there to spend money.
They wanted to celebrate their friend at a place they regularly patronize, and be treated like normal human beings going out to dinner.
It must become extremely unprofitable for businesses, companies and corporations to practice racism, have employees practice their racism on their jobs, and to be viewed as racist entities.
End of Story.
Boycott Wild Wings Cafe.”

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