What Happened???

What happened???
It’s a helluva question, eh, White people? Well, you and the 3% of the Black folk that fell for the Tea Party line. We aint mad @ ‘em; besides, they slick enough to keep that bit on information on the down-lo, so we all still one big happy family.
But, back to our question: White people, what happened?
White Christian Evangelicals, what happened?
Religious Right (but this time, oh so wrong), what happened?
Fox News, what happened?
Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove, Coulter, et al…..WTF happened???
I hear some of you, getting all bent out of shape because I’m directing my remarks towards White people. Okay, how about some statistics, eh?
Romney got over 60% of the White vote. Higher among White men.
BO got over 30% of the White vote. Oh, and btw, White wimmins jest luuuve them some BO! (Sorry, Rush; maybe next time you won’t be so quick to call White girls “sluts.” Payback’s a “b,” aint it?)
BO got 97 % of the Black vote, a sleeping giant that felt the sting of voter repression attempts via new ID laws.
Should’a left us alone.
BO got >70 % of the Hispanic vote, 90% of the gay vote, 72% of the Asian vote, um…let’s see…..is there a conclusion we can come to, boys and girls????
Just as the GOP convention was a sea of milk, (only 2% non-White delegates), reminiscent of the 1950’s, and the Democrat convention reflected the America du jour, so went the vote. Did you notice the people @ BO’s victory celebration?
Romney said he wasn’t concerned with 47% of the voters in America.
What goes around, comes around.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Voter suppression is pure hogwash and, if anything, the standard showing of uniformed Newbie Panthers in Philly probably scared away the 3% of the Black folk in those precincts who would have bucked. When YDL himself cheerfully produced his photo ID — probably his Communist Party membership card — in Chicago he put the lie to the entire proof at the polls argument.The threat of riots if Obama lost, his own "this is my last campaign regardless" rhetoric and many other expectation-lessening statements from the propagandist attests to the fact that EVERYONE bought into the pre-election polls — not just right-wingers.The other fact that remains to confront obamunists — ESPECIALLY BLACKUNS — is that none of us, least of all your peeps, are better off than we were before the 2008 election.You like being victims? You got it — courtesy of the White leftist media, your half-White president and the Blacks who stabbed you in the back.————————–FINAL ANSWER————————–


  2. "one, and done!""4 more months! 4 more months!"Er…no.I could waste a lot of time and keystrokes explaining to you why the conservative movement was doomed from the beginning in their attempt to unseat BO, but I shan't. Someone has already done it for me.Here, read this: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/11/how-conservative-media-lost-to-the-msm-and-failed-the-rank-and-file/264855/And, give me credit for not gloating. as Bill Clinton sez, "I feel your pain."Matlock 61



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